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EFA India Kids

A child is like a butterfly in the winds. Some can fly higher than offers but each one files compare one against the other. EFA India Kids Play School is an exceptional school. A mission, A zeal, A promise for a better tomorrow of kids. At the age of three or four when the child goes to school for the first time, a lot is expected from him/her. Crying children, clinging to their parents on the first day of school is a common sign. We are comprehensive, co-education school, offering an environment that reflects our society and prepares better that the students for formal school environments. We believe that the little children are individuals with rights and responsibilities.

This is what makes the school one of the best for pre-school education. EFA India Kids Play School as the name implies, strives to equip to little children with a strong foundation so as to enable them to build their dreams.


EFA India Kids Play School is an exceptional school. We see our mission as “Education for All” and we believe that we assist students to progressively accept more responsibility for self-discipline, to develop self-respect, to contribute to the community, to develop a love of learning and to strive for excellence.