Old, you will understand, what is the noise?

I am a plain face

A month later, I am forty-four years old, the legendary "Forty Fourth, understand people." Four has a relationship with me, I am the four girls at home, born on April Hdmi Audio Splitter 4th. Others don't like four, and they are the same as "death," but I say four is my lucky number.

Yesterday, friends and friends came to sit down and sighed: The years are not forgiving, they are old. When I looked in the mirror, I found that the muscles on my face were pulled down and I saw you the same.

Is there? I didn’t believe it in the mirror carefully and squatted for a while, and sure enough, the skin fell down. I am not willing to use my fingers to move up and want to take it, I want to put it on the rope.

Oh! White! Oh, don’t admit it.

Which thoughts have admitted that you are already How To Make Boba Tea going downhill, still have to go out with a group of like-minded scorpions; Still have to chase and play with a group of naughty primary school students; still have to walk in high heels and walk 10,000 steps without feeling tired; still feel that they are the youngest daughter in the family; still feel that they are still small, and refuse to have children crying ,grandmother.

Old is old, not willing to admit and can not deny the facts and the truth, the psychological does not recognize, the body is not the master.

First of all, it’s not the face, the legs, the consciously grabbing the railings, and always worried about falling. When you go down to the station, there will be discomfort at the knee closing door. Some are struggling. Hold your knees with your hands Carbs In Cantaloupe and use a little strength to get up or squat.

The second is the face. The wrinkles in the corners of the eyes are like the ripples of small fish swimming, and they are flooding one after another. You have to use thick cosmetics to pretend to be flat. If you don’t laugh, you can laugh, and then you can't cover up the advanced makeup.

Old, old, cover up, accept it.

Accepted, in addition to appearance, there is life.

It’s been a noisy life in the past, the two people who grew up completely different families, living habits, ideas, hobbies It’s totally different, pulling together in a living place, stirring in a pot, and there are no bumps. It’s two scorpions, you have to go to this end, I’m heading to the other side, no one is convinced, and the hoof kicks each other and kicks straight.

Suddenly one day, a thunder was heard, and the old man could not be cherished.

It’s all awkward to make a noise, what do you mean?

See a sentence: a man plays the man’s specialty, a woman plays the woman’s advantage, this is two species. I want to be together in a language that the other person can understand.

Don’t expect to change each other. It’s purely self-seeking, and you can’t do anything that you can’t do. What can you gain in addition to losing both?

Can’t change others, that’s Don't change it, it's always possible to change yourself. Is it not love to lose your temper? Changed! Tantrum is an incompetent person's incompetent performance, can not solve any substantive problems, but can consume too much memory, but also gain the bad results that are difficult to digest.

It’s just a matter of doing your own thing. The calmer the person, the more powerful, when you focus on yourself, You will find that everything starts a virtuous cycle.

Old, you know, what is the noise? What is so noisy. Someone used to be so persuaded. I really can't understand it now.

There is something wrong with this problem. How many times have you said that you can’t change it? Can you not make a noise? How did you look at this person? Besides, he also picks me up, I don't want to give up that. I have a good look, who let the eight-lifted sedan lift me into the door. You said no?

If you pick a problem, this person, no one is perfect, always entangled in the shortage, people have a good. Why don't you go through the old problems?

Change your mind and find another angle.

The old saying goes that it’s not that a family doesn’t enter a house. Didn’t it look like the same person? How many problems are there, recognize it, that’s your choice, no one’s eyes are strong. Hands. Besides, if you get together because of your feelings, how many years of noisy and noisy, you will go aside if you have no emotions. Since the feelings are still there, and there are more family ties, and you can’t break it, then you’ll go through it.

In the middle of the conversation, all of my life has passed. We are old and have been living for the rest of our lives. Cherish it, one day and one day. Count down your life, earnestly, and live a good day.